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Bought this as a 'used' publication yet arrived in excellent situation. thank you and that i will surely purchase from this vendor back.

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Revised all through, the second one version of this profitable booklet takes the latest examine within the box under consideration and experiences the facts to be able to position Augustus firmly within the context of his personal times.
History sees Augustus Caesar because the first emperor of Rome, whose procedure of ordered govt supplied an organization and strong foundation for the growth and prosperity of the Roman Empire. Hailed as 'restorer of the Republic' and considered by way of a few as a deity in his personal lifetime, Augustus used to be emulated by way of lots of his successors.
Key themes mentioned include:
the heritage to Augustus Caesar's staggering upward push to power
his political and imperial reforms
the production of the Republica of Augustus
the legacy Augustus Caesar left to his successors.
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C. If this interpretation is accepted, it would demonstrate early Phoenician presence in Sardinia and exploitation of its mineral deposits. C. Sardinia lay within the Phoenician and Carthaginian sphere of influence, and Semitic culture continued to be prominent in the more civilized coastal areas of the island long after it had been annexed as a Roman province. 2. For detailed treatments of numerous aspects of Sardinian prehistory, see the collection of essays in Tykot and Andrews 1992. This volume (pp.

The site is at an altitude of 10,530 feet, about 3000 feet above the tree line of that time. It has therefore been conjectured that the Ice Man was engaged in traveling across the mountains when the onset of a sudden snow storm forced him to seek refuge in the hollow where he froze to death and his corpse and equipment were preserved. He could have belonged to one of several local Copper Age cultures that flourished then on both sides of the Alps, and the discovery offers striking testimony to the existence of human traffic across these mountains in prehistoric times.

Sites along the Apennine edge of the Po Valley, which were first investigated by L. Pigorini at the end of the nineteenth century, have been collectively termed the Terramara Culture, taking its name from a local Italian word meaning “black earth,” which refers to the fertile mounds of dark soil produced by prolonged human habitation. Like the lakeside settlements farther north, Terramara structures were erected upon wooden platforms in order to avoid the hazards of flooding in the river plain.

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