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By Richard Dawkins

The first selection of essays from well known scientist and best-selling writer Richard Dawkins. 

Richard Dawkins's essays are an enthusiastic testomony to the ability of rigorous, clinical exam, and so they span many alternative corners of his own lifestyles. He revisits the meme, the unit of cultural details that he named and wrote approximately in his groundbreaking paintings The egocentric Gene. He makes relocating tributes to associates and associates, together with a eulogy for novelist Douglas Adams; he stocks correspondence with the evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould; and he visits with the famed paleoanthropologists Richard and Maeve Leakey at their African flora and fauna safeguard. He concludes the essays with a vibrant be aware to his ten-year-old daughter, reminding her to stay curious, to invite questions, and to reside the tested existence.

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They have not involved challenging power head on (this usually leads to being slaughtered, or if not, turning into some—often even uglier—variant of the very thing one first challenged) but from one or another strategy of slipping away from its grasp, from flight, desertion, the founding of new communities. One Autonomist historian, Yann Moulier Boutang, has even argued that the history of capitalism has been a series of attempts to solve the problem of worker mobility—hence the endless elaboration of institutions like indenture, slavery, coolie systems, contract workers, guest workers, innumerable forms of border control—since, if the system ever really came close to its own fantasy version of itself, in which workers were free to hire on and quit their work wherever and whenever they wanted, the entire system would collapse.

With the current crisis of the nation-state and rapid increase in international institutions which are not exactly states, but in many ways just as obnoxious, juxtaposed against attempts to create international institutions which do many of the same things as states but would be considerably less obnoxious, the lack of such a body of theory is becoming a genuine crisis. 3) YET ANOTHER THEORY OF CAPITALISM One is loathe to suggest this but the endless drive to naturalize capitalism by reducing it to a matter of commercial calculation, which then allows one to claim it is as old as Sumer, just screams out for it.

9) ONE OR SEVERAL THEORIES OF ALIENATION This is the ultimate prize: what, precisely, are the possible dimensions of non-alienated experience? How might its modalities be catalogued, or considered? Any anarchist anthropology worth its salt would have to pay particular attention to this question because this is precisely what all those punks, hippies, and activists of every stripe most look to anthropology to learn. It’s the anthropologists, so terrified of being accused of romanticizing the societies they study that they refuse to even suggest there might be an answer, who leave them no recourse but to fall into the arms of the real romanticizers.

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