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This e-book is an illustrative creation to metamorphic rocks as visible within the box, designed for complicated highschool to graduate-level earth technological know-how and geology scholars to jump-start their observational abilities. as well as images of rocks within the box, there are lots of line diagrams and examples of metamorphic positive aspects proven in skinny part. the skinny part images are all at a scale and in a context that may be with regards to perspectives noticeable within the box via a hand lens.

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Getting fresh samples of sulfidic rock can take a lot of work. Beckett, Massachusetts, USA. 12 This is a somewhat inhomogeneous schist that was metamorphosed to sillimanite – K-feldspar – garnet – cordierite grade. At medium metamorphic grade this rock was interlayered muscovite schist and more calcareous biotite – quartz – plagioclase – diopside schist. At higher grade the rock partially melted, probably during muscovite dehydration, producing white pegmatite bodies of different sizes. Intense deformation after pegmatite formation caused folding and boudinage (break-up into lumps, Chapter 18) of the pegmatite bodies.

6 The brownish-gray rock to the left and right is brown-weathering, impure marble. The marble is exposed on either side of an amphibolite layer, between the yellow arrows, that is covered with yellow and light-gray lichen. The rocks are folded about an antiformal hinge that plunges gently downward into the water. Bolsøy, Moldefjord, Møre og Romsdal, Norway. 7 Shoreline outcrop of strongly folded, alternating layers of carbonate-bearing biotite schist and white to gray marble. The schist weathers more slowly, so it stands in raised relief above the marble surfaces.

Readers will find some overlap between chapters. For example, mica schists that are discussed in Chapter 2 generally have foliations, which are discussed in detail in Chapter 15. This introduction, however, plus the Glossary, should be sufficient to ease you through the ­following chapters with minimal intellectual suffering. This page intentionally left blank Part 1: Metamorphic rock types Chapter 2 Pelitic rocks The word pelite is derived from Greek, meaning clay-rock. ) are formed mostly from clays that are produced from the chemical weathering of feldspars, micas, and other minerals.

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