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By Christopher Coope, Peter Geach, Timothy Potts, Roger White

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Follow the accused team member out of the room to talk to him/her. d. End the meeting. 7 Given a project description/overview and list of project requirements: Decide if the project is defined well enough to achieve a measurable outcome and metrics for success. Determine if the requirements include the necessary range of inputs, are related to the project at hand, and are complete, accurate and valid. Recognize the role poorly detailed requirements play in a situation where project outcomes are not possible to verify.

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WHAT YOU R E A L L Y NEED TO KNOW It is important to take time to review program requirements and the way the project is going. Most reviews are held face-to-face with affected stakeholders in attendance. Face-toface reviews allow people to communicate most effectively. Some reviews can be done using other methods. Reviews should emphasize important project goals: - Does everyone understand the main goals of the project? - Are products being delivered on time? - Is the quality of the products acceptable?

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