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Sped up VB 2005 offers the quickest route to VB services for an individual already conversant in object-oriented programming. whereas books introduce VB, only a few additionally clarify optimizing its use with the .NET universal language runtime (CLR). yet this e-book either teaches middle VB language ideas and covers extensive the ideas and methods for professionally exploiting the ability of VB and the CLR.You'll speedy grasp VB syntax whereas studying how the CLR simplifies many programming projects. you are going to additionally study most sensible practices that confirm your code should be effective, reusable, and strong. Why spend many months or years studying the simplest how you can layout and code VB, while this e-book will help you do issues the proper method, correct from the beginning? * you are going to speedy achieve thorough knowing of VB 2005. * This booklet covers the all new positive factors of VB 2005. * Authors man Fouché and Trey Nash describe and clarify VB most sensible practices. * The ebook provides canonical types for VB periods and interfaces. * Examples exhibit bullet-proof, exception-safe code and effective multithreaded purposes.

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Collections namespace in the BCL. ArrayList. Object lifetimes are nondeterministic because it’s unknown when the garbage collector will release resources once an object is no longer referenced. To do its job, the garbage collector calls a finalizer to free up resources. To explicitly release resources in a class, you can create the Dispose method and call it to handle any cleanup. The downside is that you must call the Dispose method in any end point in your object. Instead of having to call the Dispose method explicitly within an object, the Using keyword specifies that the Dispose method should be called automatically at the end of the Using code block.

They are initialized by calling the New constructor on an object defined with the Class keyword. When a reference type variable goes out of scope, it’s not just removed from the heap but must be torn down by calling the appropriate class destructors. This is the job of the garbage collector (GC). The GC manages the placement of all objects in memory. At any time, objects can be moved to a different location in memory, and the GC ensures that variables that reference those objects are updated. Reference types can also be initialized by assignment from another variable of a compatible type as in the following code snippet, which creates two reference type variables: Public Class Coordinate Dim x As Integer Dim y As Integer End Class … Dim Point1 As Coordinate = New Coordinate Dim Point2 As Coordinate = Point1 In the example, the value of Point1 and Point2 is a pointer to the Coordinate object allocated on the heap.

Use TypeOf before using CType to determine if you can successfully convert the object. Prior to calling the PrintCoordinates method, you could check the type of the oCoord variable and then call the method: If TypeOf (oCoord) Is Coordinate Then PrintCoordinates(CType(oCoord, Coordinate)) End If DirectCast and TryCast New to the latest version of VB are two keywords related to casting reference types: DirectCast and TryCast. qxd 2/15/07 9:32 PM Page 37 CHAPTER 3 ■ VB SYNTAX However, DirectCast offers better performance because it directly attempts to convert the specified type, and if it can’t, it throws an exception.

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