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"Advances in Geosciences" is the results of a concerted attempt in bringing the newest effects and making plans actions relating to earth and house technological know-how in Asia and the foreign enviornment. the amount editors are all best scientists of their study fields overlaying 5 sections: reliable Earth (SE), sunlight Terrestrial (ST), Planetary technology (PS), Hydrological technological know-how (HS), and Oceans and Atmospheres (OA). the most objective is to focus on the medical matters necessary to the research of earthquakes, tsunamis, weather switch, drought, flood, typhoons, house weathers, and planetary exploration.

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T. CHEN∗ Institute of Geophysics, CEA. cn We collected the long-period waveform data for the great Sumatra–Andaman earthquake of December 26, 2004 from IRIS Data Center, and selected 22 stations whose epicentral distances are between 27◦ and 90◦ . By means of inverting moment tensor, retrieving source time functions and imaging the spatio-temporal rupture process, we obtained the source parameters from the waveform data, which help greatly in understanding the complexity of the 2004 Sumatra–Andaman earthquake rupture process.

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