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By Aquino De Braganca, Immanuel Maurice Wallerstein

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The PortugueseEmpire Cold hard economic facts lie behind all the myths and nonsense which Caetano and others within the Fascist Portuguese government have put forward for maintaining their colonial rule in Africa. They are determined to hold on to their colonial possessions in Africa because these are the greatest source of their wealth, and they help to maintain the Fascist domina tion over Portuguese workers and peasants. That is why virtually half of Portugal's budget is devoted to the war in Africa.

Granted access by the new administrative regulations to investment in the colonies and drawing on their experience elsewhere in Africa, those powers backed the regime in Lisbon financially, economically and militarily. As for the level of the popular masses, here we witness a tangible move ment of political reaction against the pursuit of colonial wars. In the beginning of 1961, the fact of a colonial war constituted a source Anatomy of Colonialism of economic profit for all those involved in the Portuguese army: the General Staff and the various military commands, the majority of the junior officers and the draftees.

In their dealings the Dutch took advantage, among other things, of the repeated plagues and famines which constantly invaded Portugal and which forced her to buy food abroad at extraordinarily high prices. Thus Portugal, the then wealthiest country in Europe, found herself deeply in debt. ' In all this a unique phenomenon is clearly apparent: the wealth stolen by Portugal, rather than assisting its modernization, was used in the industriali zation of other European countries. The Portuguese pirates came to the colonies to rob the spices, the gold, the ivory from India and Angola for the Dutch to industrialize their country!

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