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This e-book is a set of notes I created whereas studying Android programming that allows you to create my first Android app, «EquityYo! inventory and Fund Database». whereas i'm no Android programming genius (that a lot is certain!), i presumed it might be a good suggestion to assemble jointly all of these tiny little programming assistance and methods Ive came upon alongside the way in which and position them in a single spot.
i don't declare that every thing during this booklet is a hundred% unique and that i totally admit to copy-and-pasting a number of tidbits from the Android documentation and (The cash you're procuring this booklet is for the grueling six months it took me to benefit uncomplicated Android programming, code the examples, try out all of them, learn difficulties and, ultimately, write all of it down in a lovely and, confidently, enlightening and edifying format.) With that stated, all the examples proven within the booklet, in addition to the code, I created myself. considering i'm an Android amateur, even if it is easy to study Android programming via analyzing this selection of notes continues to be visible. Im definite there are spots all through this booklet during which you are going to say «What are you conversing about?». Please drop me an e mail if this booklet has helped you out otherwise you have feedback to make it greater (see my e mail deal with below).

It is believed that the reader has a few wisdom of programming, yet no wisdom of GUI or object-oriented programming is thought. additionally, no wisdom of Java programming is thought as chapters are devoted to introducing Java programming in addition to object-oriented programming.

If you think you have got chanced on an mistakes or disagree with one among my reviews or reasons (very possible!), please be at liberty to drop me a observe at Dont fail to remember to prevent through to get extra files and displays on numerous themes. additionally, please stopover at our YouTube channel: sheepsqueezersYT.

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Int iCounter = 1; Java variable names can start with a letter, underscore (_) or dollar sign ($) followed by letters or numbers. Special symbols such as the @-sign are usually reserved for Java and should probably be avoided in your own variable names. Making Comments You should make comments in your code to remind you what you did or to aid the programmer who takes over your program. There are three types of comments in Java: single-line, multi-line and Javadoc comments. A single line comment starts with a double-slash (//) followed by your comment.

Next, you provide one or more catch blocks whose argument is either the name of a specific exception (such as ArithmeticException) or a generic exception (such as Exception), and whose body either attempts a retry or notifies the user of the exception. Note that Exception should appear last in the list of catch blocks! The finally block will always be executed no matter if an error occurred or not. Below is a list of Java runtime exceptions you can catch: AnnotationTypeMismatchException, ArithmeticException, ArrayStoreException, BufferOverflowException, BufferUnderflowException, CannotRedoException, CannotUndoException, ClassCastException, CMMException, ConcurrentModificationException, DataBindingException, DOMException, EmptyStackException, EnumConstantNotPresentException, EventException, IllegalArgumentException, IllegalMonitorStateException, IllegalPathStateException, IllegalStateException, ImagingOpException, IncompleteAnnotationException, IndexOutOfBoundsException, JMRuntimeException, LSException, MalformedParameterizedTypeException, MirroredTypeException, MirroredTypesException, MissingResourceException, NegativeArraySizeException, NoSuchElementException, NoSuchMechanismException, NullPointerException, ProfileDataException, ProviderException, RasterFormatException, RejectedExecutionException, SecurityException, SystemException, TypeConstraintException, TypeNotPresentException, UndeclaredThrowableException, UnknownAnnotationValueException, UnknownElementException, UnknownTypeException, UnmodifiableSetException, UnsupportedOperationException, WebServiceException Object-Oriented Programming Concepts Primitive data types are nice, but they only get you so far.

Run Configurations... This will bring up the Runs Configurations dialog box. 2. Click on the Android Application item on the left pane. 40 3. Either right-click and click New or click the New Launch Configuration icon on the upper left. 4. In the Name field, fill in the name of this configuration. I used Configuration1. 5. In the Android tab: a. Click the Browse... button and select the name of your application. b. In the Launch Action section, ensure that the radio button to the left of the text Launch Default Activity is selected.

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