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Coupling adjustment. When installing the coupling between the pump and motor, check to see that there is no undue pressure on the pump shaft. If pressure exists, locate the coupling closer to the body of the fuel unit shaft. f. Burner adjustment. An oil burner must deliver sufficient heat to provide for winter heating requirements, plus an amount sufficient to warm up a cold building in a reasonable period of time. If the oil burner is adjusted to provide a greater amount of heat than is necessary, the boiler or furnace will operate at a higher rate with consequent lower efficiency.

When the fusible link releases at approximately 165F, the springloaded lever closes the valve, stopping oil flow to the burner. TM 5-642 Figure 3-10. Automatic oil shut-off valve. 3-15 TM 5-642 b. Oil delay valve. Pressure atomizing type oil burners are equipped with an oil delay valve located between the oil pump and nozzle. The valve delays opening at least four seconds after the burner motor is energized and closes instantaneously when the motor is deenergized. Section IV. GAS BURNERS 3-15. General.

If switch contacts become corroded or pitted they should be smooth and treated with a contact preserver or replaced. If the motor is of the brush type, replace the brushes when necessary. (4) Wearing parts on centrifugal pumps, such as bearings and wearing rings, are readily accessible. To get peak performance, check these parts at intervals depending upon severity of service, and replace worn parts if necessary. (5) To ensure the best operation of the unit make a systematic inspection periodically.

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