Earn AAdvantage Bonus Miles in 2015

AAdvantage Bonus Miles 2015

This year, American Airlines are offering bonus miles from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015 on top of the elite bonus you would already get for being a Gold, Platinum, or Executive Platinum member.

Below is the chart that would apply to all AAdvantage members depending on the level you are at. Event AAdvantage members without status will gain bonus miles on specific booking classes.


Booking Class

Flight Length

Executive Platinum



First/Business F,A,P,J,R,D,C Long Flight Bonus 12,000 miles 6,000 miles 3,000 miles
First/Business F,A,P,J,R,D,C Short Flight Bonus 1,000 miles 500 miles 250 miles
Discount Business Z,I Long Flight Bonus 3,500 miles 1,000 miles 0
Discount Business Z,I Short Flight Bonus 500 miles 250 miles 0
  • Long-haul flights = Greater than 3,000 miles in length or JFK-SFO and JFK-LAX
  • Medium/short-haul flights = Less than 3,000 miles in length

There is no requirement to sign up. All AAdvantage members will automatically be enrolled in this promotion. American Airlines classifies the formula with this “Additional Bonus Miles” to be:

Base Miles + Service Class Bonus + Elite Status Bonus + Additional Bonus Miles.

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