How to choose your seat on Thai Airways

Thai Airways - Select your seat

Thai Airways has multiple fare options when purchasing a ticket. When booking economy, you’ll see that there are some differences between the SAVER, Value, and FULL FLEX fares. Neither of them provide any indication of whether you can choose your seat or not.

Thai Airways Economy Fares Comparison

You’ll see that the primary differences are the miles you’ll earn, the amount of fees to change your flight and eligibility to upgrade your flight using miles.

To choose your seat, find your confirmation code or record locator (usually around six characters). Then go to and click on the Manage or Manage booking link. Then enter in your confirmation code and last name

On the next screen, scroll down to find “Additional Services”. Click that button.

Additional Services - Thai Airways

In the following screen, you’ll then see options to select your seat, select your meal, and/or purchase additional space for luggage.

Choose your services - Select your seats
Choose seats on Thai airways Boeing 777

Be sure to click the “Next” button in the following page to confirm your new seats:

Confirm Seat selection on Thai Airways

Hope this helps.

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