Heads Up: Changes coming to AAdvantage in 2016

JonNYC over at the TravelingBetter forum, who has historically been very reliable, is reporting that there are changes coming to the AAdvantage program in 2016.

I’ve highlighted some of the changes below but keep in mind that this is still rumor at this point.  We will get a fuller picture when AA releases their official statement.

  • Eliminating EQP’s (Elite Qualifying Points) to qualify and fully going with EQM’s (Elite Qualifying Miles) instead
  • Redeemable miles will now be revenue based (based on dollars spent) rather than flight miles.
  • Executive Platinum SWU’s will be going down to 4 for and Concierge Key SWU’s will be upped to 4.
  • Status levels stay the same as well as EQM’s required to attain them.
  • Gold and platinum members will get four 500 mile upgrades per 12,500 miles instead of per 10,000 miles
  • See all the rumored changes here

As a leisure flyer, status qualifying changes don’t affect me much because I don’t fly enough to qualify for cubic zirconia status let alone gold or platinum. My main concerns are with the inevitable  devaluations on the award redemption side of AAdvantage. I guess we need to wait and see…

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